Shire of West Arthur is now Telstra 4G ready

Published on Thursday, 21 March 2024 at 8:29:58 AM

On 30th June 2024 Telstra will be closing our 3G network. In the lead up to this, we are upgrading our mobile network in areas that only have Telstra 3G coverage to ensure the same or better 4G coverage is available.

Your area is now Telstra 4G ready

I’m pleased to let you know that our program of work to deliver this in your Local Government Area is now complete, meaning the area is 4G ready. Simply put, if residents could only get 3G on the Telstra network before, they should now be able to enjoy the extra speed and capacity that 4G brings and will continue to have Telstra mobile coverage after the 30th of June.

What you need to do

We know that the vast majority of our customers’ mobile devices are able to access the 4G network. However, locally there are still a small number of 3G-only mobile devices accessing our network that will need to be replaced or upgraded before this time if they wish to remain connected.

It is important to note such devices may not be limited to phones and may also include 3G only Telstra Cel-Fi GO Repeaters, 3G only Telstra Mobile Smart Antennas (TMSA), and Internet-of-Things (IoT) or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices such as eftpos, telemetry & medical devices.

There will be no loss of 3G coverage prior to 30th June 2024. Once we have closed the 3G network, we will repurpose the spectrum so that we can use it to expand our 5G network. We are committed to continuing our long tradition of investment in rural and regional Australia by providing more state-of-the-art services and this is an important step to transition to 5G.

If members of your community have any questions about the closure of our 3G network, require support on device compatibility or the steps to take before 30th June 2024, more information and support can be found on our website, or our most recent Telstra Exchange Blog (see links below). I invite you to share these publicly on your external communications platforms.

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