Shire of West Arthur Cemeteries

The Shire of West Arthur has two cemeteries, one at Arthur River, the other in Darkan.

Arthur River

The cemetery in Arthur River is located on the Albany Highway at the historical St Paul's Anglican Church.  There is parking available on site.



The cemetery in Darkan is located on Moodiarrup Road.  There is parking available on site.


Cemetery Forms

The Shire of West Arthur operates under the Cemeteries Act 1986.

All monumental works must be approved by the Shire of West Arthur prior to placement in the cemetery.  Please complete the Application for Monumental Works located below.  Return this with the required specifications and payment to the Shire of West Arthur.

The repair and maintenance of monuments is the responsibility of the family, not the Shire.

Application for Burial - Arthur River

Application for Burial - Darkan

Application for Monumental Works - Arthur River and Darkan

Application for Placement of Ashes in Niche Wall - Darkan

Burial Reservation Form - Arthur River

Burial Reservation Form - Darkan

Form of Instruction for Grave and Application for Order of Burial - Arthur River and Darkan

Niche Wall Reservation Form - Darkan

Current Fees and Charges