Astrotourism in the Shire of West Arthur

The Shire of West Arthur joined Astrotourism WA's Astrotourism Towns in July 2019. For more information about us, check out us out at Astrotourism WA's website.  

About our Night Skies

Country Western Australia has incredible dark night skies, due to low levels of light pollution.  This makes it a world-class destination for visitors around the globe. Join them to gaze in wonder at nature's beauty. Why not marvel at the Milky Way, Southern Cross, Magellanic Clouds, and of course, the stunning indigenous constellations of 'The Emu in the Sky' and the 'Seven Sisters'.

Astrophotographers' Paradise Road Trip

Astrophotographers' Paradise Stargazing Map (Southern Wheatbelt)

Astrophotography Hot Spots

For lovers of astrophotography, the Shire of West Arthur has some stunning places for you to set up your cameras.

Arthur River is located 31 km to the east of Darkan on the Albany Hwy. Take your time to photograph the historical buildings under the night sky, including the old Shearing Shed.

Bowelling Railway Siding is located 29 km west of Darkan on the Coalfields Rd.  Use the old Railway Station as a backdrop the night sky.  Self-contained camping and RV parking is allowed.  

Lake Towerrinning is located 32 km south of Darkan on the Darkan-Moodiarrup Rd.  This magnificent lake makes for stunning photography, as does Dead Man's Swamp, located beside it. Camping is available at Lakeside Caravan Park.

Six Mile Cottage is located 9 km north-west of Darkan on the Quinndanning Rd.  This old settler's cottage makes a beautiful backdrop to the night skies.

Stargazing Observing Sites

Pack your telescope, bring your binoculars and stargaze at our observing sites. if you want to find out what's up in the night sky, go here.

Darkan Oval is located on the west side of town, just south of the caravan park.  Take a picnic, lay back and admire the stars.

Hillman Siding is located 9 km north-east of Darkan on the Hillman Rd.  This old railway siding on the Collie-Darkan Rail Trail is a great place to stargaze.

Dead Man's Swamp at Lake Towerrinning - Astrid Volzke (Our Photo Stories) Darkan Railway Station - 
Arthur River Shearing Shed - Greg Rowney Lake Towerrinning - Astrid Volzke (Our Photo Stories)