Places Of Interest

Betty Brown Historical Centre

Our newly opened Historical Centre showcases the contributions made by women to the development of rural communities.  The Centre was established as a result of the generosity of Betty Brown who provided the Shire with funding for the Centre.  A number of women are featured in the Centre.  To listen to the audio included in the Betty Brown Historical Centre click here.

 Betty Brown Front Elevation

Betty Brown Historical Centre

Internal image of Betty Brown Historical Centre

Internal image of Betty Brown Historical Centre 2

Our Night Skies

West Arthur is part of the Astrotourism WA network and there are many places throughout the Shire that you can visit to take stunning astrophotos. Hillman Siding (approximately 9km north of Darkan) has been designated as an area that astronomers are able to set up their telescopes and view the night sky away from any light pollution. 

 Places that are suitable for astro-activities are detailed here or by downloading the app here). 

Night Sky at Lake Towerinning

Night Sky from Arthur River Inn Kitchen

Photo credit below to: Gerald Rose

Night Sky from old train station in Darkan

Lake Towerrinning

Lake Towerrinning is a 256 ha phenomenon close to, but not directly part of, the Arthur River. The Lake is ideal for all water sports including skiing, and has a barbecue and picnic spot.

Read more about Lake Towerrinning.

Lake Towerinning

Arthur River Heritage Precinct

The Arthur River Heritage Precinct is located on the Albany Highway in Arthur River.  It includes the Mt Pleasant Kitchen built in 1869 to cater for travellers, shepherds, sandalwood cutters and settlers, the Post Office, the Town Hall and other restored historical buildings. 

Arthur River

6-Mile Cottage

Located on the Quindanning Road, the Six Mile Cottage is a historical two-roomed cottage built from timber slab with a stone end wall and fireplace.

Six Mile Cottage


Collie Darkan Rail Trail

The Collie Darkan Rail Trail is a multi-use trail for walkers, horse riders and cyclists that extends from Collie in the west to Dardadine in the east. For more information go the Rail Trail Facebook page, Trails WA or to view the Trail Map, please click here.



Darkan Skate Park and Nature Play area

The Darkan town site caters for all ages with a skate park, nature play area, traditional playground, trampolines, BMX bike track, exercises equipment and free BBQs located on the Darkan Railway Reserve.  

Darkan Skate Park    

 Darkan Skate Park

Darkan Skate Park

Wildflower Reserves

Throughout the Shire of West Arthur there are many areas with beautiful wildflowers. The "Boronia Reserve" is cared for by a local warden, who will often act as tour guide and provides information for visitors.

Photo credit: Kerryn Chia


Photo credit: Caroline Telfer


Photo credit: Kerryn Chia


Hillman Rock And Hillman Dam

Hillman Rock is a large area of rock on Mount Harris. Hillman Dam was built during the Depression. The dam channels are over one mile long and were dug by hand and concreted in order to bring water from Hillman Rock. The area surrounding Hillman Dam is a flora and fauna reserve.

Due to asbestos hazard, access to the site is restricted. Please contact the Shire Office.