The Shire of West Arthur is represented by 7 elected members of Council. Cr Neil Morrell is the Shire President, supported by Cr Karen Harrington, the Deputy President.

The Councillors are elected by the local community to represent the interests and needs of the community.  They provide community leadership and guidance and facilitate communication between the community and the Council.

The Councillors play a very important policy-making role, requiring the identification of community needs, setting objectives to meet those needs, establishing priorities between competing demands and allocating resources.

The role of the Shire President and the Elected Members is specified within the Local Government Act 1995.

Contacting your Elected Members

Councillors can be contacted via email, see list below, or in writing to Shire of West Arthur, 31 Burrowes Street, Darkan WA 6392.

Cr Neil Morrell
President  Retires 2027
Cr Karen Harrington
Deputy President  Retires 2025
Cr Adam Squires
Councillor  Retires 2025
Cr Graeme Peirce
Councillor  Retires 2027
Cr Duncan South
Councillor  Retires 2025
Cr Robyn Lubcke
Councillor  Retires 2025
Vacant Retires 2027