The Shire of West Arthur adopted a Fencing Local Law that came into operation in November 2021.

While Dividing Fences are administered by the State Government, via the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website, the Shire's Local Law prescribes what a sufficient fence is and the minimum standard for the construction and maintenance of fences throughout the Shire.

Approval from the Shire of West Arthur is not required for a front fence where the fence:

  1. Is constructed of new materials; and
  2. Is less than 1.2m high, if constructed from any other material other than masonry; and
  3. Is less than 0.75m high, if constructed from masonry; and
  4. Is splayed for lines of vision for a motorist using the driveway, unless the fence is of an open construction that does not obscure the lines of vision.

In relation to item 4, the diagram below, from the Residential Design Codes, Volume 1, illustrates that the fence, if constructed of solid material, is to be placed on an angle, 1.5m wide and deep from the driveway access point. The intent of this is to ensure that motorists in their vehicles have clear sight lines from the driveway over the footpath and onto the road. This would not apply to a fence of open construction, or if the fence was reduced in height to 0.75m for 1.5m either side of the driveway.

Any front fencing needs to be constructed on or within the property boundary. The only people who can confirm a property boundary location is a Licensed Land Surveyor. Residents are encouraged to undertake a “Dial Before You Dig” search prior to undertaking any works close to their front boundary.