Shire of West Arthur

The Shire of West Arthur is keen to grow its business community.  Our business and residential prospectus is available to view here (insert link to prospectus).  Please get in touch if you are thinking of starting a business in Darkan and we will provide you with assistance to get established.

         The West Arthur Community Resource Centre is also available to provide office space, technology and business services.  Training courses are often run by the CRC.

There are a range of existing programs and organisations that can assist in establishing your business in Darkan:

If you have any queries or would like to explore additional opportunities, contact the Shire Chief Executive Officer. 

Industrial Land for Sale

Landcorp currently has two light industrial blocks (2936m2 in area) available for sale in the light industrial area on Growden Place.  Contact the Shire for more details if you are interested.  

Dispute resolution

Are you dissatisfied with our services, one of our officers, or seeking to resolve a dispute with us? Are you aware that the Small Business Development Corporation has a Dispute Resolution Service available here?