Building Surveyor

The Shire of West Arthur contracts all Building Surveyor Services to the City of Kalamunda. For all enquiries, please continue to contact the Shire of West Arthur.

Building Permits

A Building Permit is requirement if you are:

  • building a new home OR undertaking additions or alterations (Class 1a)
  • building an outbuilding (i.e. shed), patio, or garage (Class 10a)
  • building a retaining wall (or prescribed types of fences), deck, mast, swimming pool, spa, or water tank (Class 10b)

A Building Permit application can either be uncertified if it comprises class 1 or 10 works only, or certified by a private Building Surveyor.

For information regarding Building Permits, Demolition Permits or Notices of Completion and the required forms, please contact us, or download them from:

Building Approval Forms

A Guide to the Building Application Process

Septic Tank Application Form

Fees and Charges

Building for better protection in bushfire areas - A Homeowner's Guide

Bushfire Prone Area Map

Once building works have been completed for any project with a Building Permit, a BA7 Notice of Completion is required to be completed and submitted to the Shire of West Arthur within seven (7) days.

Further Information

The Building Commission has an informative webpage which gives users access to current information about registration and owner-building. 

For planning information, visit Planning Applications.