You may have an idea for a business that you are passionate about.  The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) offers step-by-step guides, checklists, tools and other resources you need to start a small business.

Once you have navigated the basics and decided to take the next step, these tips could help you to learn more about starting or buying a business in the Shire of West Arthur.

Check the land use

The Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No 2  guides the development of land within the Shire, including how land can be used for housing, business uses and other uses.

Within the Scheme, you can look at the Zoning Table to find the permitted land use for all properties in the Shire. This will help you work out the best area for your business to operate.

Check on licences and permits

Depending on what kind of business you plan to start, you may need to meet a range of Shire of West Arthur requirements. For example, you will need to apply for redevelopment approval to change the use of a building from a shop to an office, or you will need to apply for certain health permits and licences to run a food-based business.  For more information on this head to our Planning and Building page 

Take a flexible approach

When you are starting a business, conditions can change and things can take longer to set up than you might have thought. By taking a flexible approach from the beginning, you will be ready to adapt and change your approach as your business grows and your business environment changes.