Shire of West Arthur

Council Elections

2019 Council Elections

Councillors represent the interests of the ratepayers and residents of the district and provide leadership and guidance to the community. They facilitate communication between the community and Shire, and participate in the Shire’s decision making process.

Local government ordinary elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years.

In 2019, at the close of Council nominations, the following candidates were elected unopposed:

  • Adam Squires
  • Graeme Peirce
  • Neil Morrell

Councillors Ray Harrington, Michael Meredith and Alan Blencowe decided not to renominate.

The next election will be held in October 2021. There will be four vacancies.

Community members interested in knowing more about the role of an elected member are welcome to attend a Council meeting, as an invited guest, and participate in a meeting (without the right to vote). To register for this program please contact the Chief Executive Officer on 9736-2222 or email.

Review of Community Strategic Plan June 26, 2020

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