Shire of West Arthur
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Standards for CEO Recruitment Performance and Termination (26/05/2021) Policies
C3.1 CCTV Network Policy (26/05/2021) Policies
G1.1 Elected Members Continuing Professional Development Policy (26/05/2021) Policies
G1.2 Attendance at Events Elected Members and CEO Policy (26/05/2021) Policies
Shire of West Arthur Code of Conduct Candidates Council and Committee Members (26/05/2021) Policies
F4.3 Significant Accounting Policy (17/06/2021) Policies
R5.1 Dog Exercise, Prohibited and Rural Leashing Areas Policy (17/06/2021) Policies
G1.3 Council Members Entitlements Policy (17/06/2021) Policies
F4.1 Purchasing Policy (17/06/2021) Policies
G1.6 Vexatious or Unreasonable Persistence Complaints Policy (17/06/2021) Policies
C3.6 Darkan Primary School Support Policy (23/06/2021) Policies
C3.5 Community Archives Policy (23/06/2021) Policies
C3.4 Betty Brown Management and Collection Policy (23/06/2021) Policies
C3.2 Halls Policy (23/06/2021) Policies
G1.4 Complaint Handling Division 3 Code of Conduct Policy (29/07/2021) Policies
G1.5 Behaviour Complaints Committee Terms of Reference (29/07/2021) Policies
G1.13 Audio Recording of Council Meetings Policy (29/07/2021) Policies
W2.1 Road Closure Policy (29/07/2021) Policies
W2.2 Gravel Acquisition Policy (29/07/2021) Policies
Shire of West Arthur Code of Conduct Employees (08/12/2021) Policies
Local Planning Policy No.3 - Heritage Places (24/06/2022) Policies
Shire of West Arthur Policy Manual (08/06/2023) Policies