WA Plastics Ban Stage 2

Published on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at 8:34:16 AM

To reduce plastic pollution, the Government of Western Australia (State Government) is implementing further bans on certain plastic items from 2024 to 2025, with non-compostable plastic-lined hot beverage cups and lids included in the next round, commencing March 1. First announced last year, the bans apply to all organisations including retailers, suppliers, hospitality businesses, importers, not-for-profits, government, online marketplaces and community groups. In line with previous actions, the State Government is adopting a common-sense, education-first approach for enforcement.

For a quick snapshot of the ban, including key dates, see the WA Plan for Plastics Stage 2 website.

Launched in mid 2023, a consultation and engagement program is continuing with suppliers, retailers and consumers to ensure they know what happening and how to adapt. Local governments can support their communities by promoting the changes and sharing the available free support services listed below to community and business networks, and with internal staff.

Support for businesses

The National Retail Association is providing a range of services, personalised advice and support which are free and available to all impacted businesses (not just retailers):

  • Dedicated business website with user-friendly information, resources and guides. Visit the website: plasticsbanwa.com.au
  • Free online information sessions for businesses throughout 2024. Register here: https://bit.ly/wa-plastics-ban
  • Toll-free business advice hotline. Contact the team on 1800 817 723 or at sustainability@nationalretail.org.au
  • Liaison officers will drop-in to about 4,000 stores across WA from January to September 2024, delivering resources and advice. Those visited will receive an information handbook similar to this business guide.

Additionally, hospitality businesses looking for ways to align with the bans and improve their sustainability are eligible for free, personalised advice, either face-to-face or online. Find out more by visiting Plastic Free Places.

Support for community groups

Community groups and not‑for‑profits, such as those that use banned items as part of a service, for daily activities, or during events or fundraising activities, must not supply these items.

The National Retail Association’s resources and guides are a helpful reference for those groups involved in the purchase and supply of affected items, such as single use plastic coffee cups and takeaway food packaging.

Support is also available for community organisations running events with food and beverage vendors. Find out more by visiting Plastic Free Places, or register at Plastic Free Places Events to schedule a consult.

Support for all WA local governments who run and host events

The Plastic Free Places program engages primarily with hospitality businesses in WA to provide on-ground, personalised support to transition away from single-use plastics towards better alternatives, such as reusable or certified compostable alternatives.

The State Government is excited to announce that in 2024, this highly successful program will expand to offer free event consultations and tailored advice from local sustainability experts to all metro and regional local governments interested in reviewing their event policies and procedures.

To arrange a free event consultation, please contact Plastic Free Places WA team via the online form

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