Regional Tech Hub

Published on Wednesday, 21 February 2024 at 11:21:12 AM

Regional Tech Hub

Free independent advice on phone, internet and tech issues

The National Farmers’ Federation has been selected to develop and operate the Regional Tech Hub, working in collaboration with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.
This initiative recognises the unique technological operating environment in regional Australia and will help to ensure that regional Australians are supported to realise the benefits of connectivity by providing independent advice and support to navigate often confusing phone and internet options and technical issues.
They can do a free and independent “Connectivity Report” of the options available to you via the online Connectivity Report form, email the or call 1300 081 029.

On Farm Connectivity Program. $3000 to 30,000 to assist primary producers to take advantage of digital agribusiness solutions to boost productivity and improve safety. 1:1 co-contribution required. Closing date 31 May.

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