Local Planning Policy - Outbuildings

Published on Monday, 27 November 2023 at 12:51:42 PM

Shire of West Arthur




Council has prepared a draft Local Planning Policy for the development of outbuildings within the Residential and Rural Residential zones.  The objectives of the Policy are:

  1. To ensure that oversized outbuildings do not detract from the streetscape or the visual amenity of residents or neighbouring properties;
  2. To accommodate outbuildings that meet the needs of the residents whilst being appropriate for the zone and land use; and
  3. To provide guidance for the consideration of Development Applications.

Domestic sheds / outbuildings in the residential zone are subject to the provisions of the R-Codes.  Where they do not comply with the R-Code provisions they need Council approval.  The Policy will apply to outbuildings which do not comply with the R-Codes and outbuildings in the Rural Residential zone.  It addresses:

  1. Size limitations and minimum setbacks;
  2. Building material;
  3. Sheds on vacant lots; and
  4. Sea containers.

The draft Local Planning Policy can be viewed on the Council web site www.westarthur.wa.gov.au   Submissions may be made on these in the period ending on Wednesday the 13th December 2023

Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the local government in writing on or before that day by email to the ceo@westarthur.wa.gov.au or mailing to 31 Burrowes Street, DARKAN WA 6392.



Local Planning Policy - Outbuildings

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