Key Worker Housing Study

Published on Monday, 5 December 2022 at 10:28:26 AM

Key Worker Housing Study


It is common knowledge that there is a serious shortage of housing in country areas, and that includes Darkan and the West Arthur district.


The Shire of West Arthur is part of the 4WDL Volunteer Organisation of Councils which also includes the Shires of Wagin, Williams, Woodanilling, Dumbleyung and Lake Grace. 4WDL recently initiated a study of key worker accommodation within its member local governments.


As part of the study, the consultant is presently working on key worker housing demand models and then looking to identify towns' capacity to facilitate future development. According to ABS statistics, 4WDL area shows 20% unoccupied dwellings. There is also a trend of reduction in the number of dwellings. It would assist the study to know how accurate these figures are.


The Shire of West Arthur, therefore, is asking for anyone who has a dwelling on their property that is not being used, to advise us of its location and of the number of people that it is designed to house. This information will remain confidential as it is only for the purposes of the study.


Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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