Council Adopts Local Health Plan

Published on Friday, 29 September 2023 at 3:33:17 PM

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held 28 September 2023, Council adopted a Local Health Plan which had been developed by Shire staff, in consultation with stakeholders and community members.

The Plan provides information on what the Shire of West Arthur’s current health role consists of, along with State priority objectives.  It provides information on the Shire’s health profile, including the health and wellbeing and socio-economic profile.

A critical part of the Plan focuses on the results of the community survey,  providing their feedback on subjects such as health and social issues, volunteering, sports and recreation facilities, COVID-19 impacts, life in West Arthur and the environment.   Thank you to those community members who took part in the survey.

This document links to our Strategic Community Plan, with four Outcomes developed, along  with supporting strategies and plans.  The document has now been uploaded to our website. 

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