Natural Resource Management and Landcare 

The Shire of West Arthur provide a Landcare Officer to residents as part of the Shires strategy to support sustainable agriculture in the Shire of West Arthur and encourage healthy environmental practices.

What Is Landcare? ​Landcare is a grassroots movement of groups and individuals across Australia with a shared vision to protect, enhance or restore the natural environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities. Landcare enables people to actively care for the natural environment in their community.

From the coast to the country, and from urban cities to the outback, Landcare’s greatest asset is its people. The Landcare movement is diverse and encompasses farmers and farming systems groups, landowners, Landcare groups and networks, Traditional Owners, Bushcare and ‘Friends of’ groups, Coastcare, Dunecare and Rivercare groups, Landcare facilitators and coordinators, youth groups and other community groups involved in protecting, enhancing or restoring their local environment. The Junior Landcare program provides a pathway for children to become lifelong Landcarers starting with early learning childhood centres through to primary and secondary schools.

With the impact of a changing climate, and natural disasters like drought, bushfires and flood, Landcare has never been so important.  

Tree Planting

Belinda O’Brien
Landcare Officer for Shire of West Arthur
Phone: 0491 373 589