Shire of West Arthur

Public Notice - Local Laws

Published on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 at 1:28:20 PM

Proposed Local Laws


DOG ACT 1976

The Shire of West Arthur proposes to adopt the following local law :

Shire of West Arthur Dogs Amendment Local Law 2021 –

Purpose – to amend the Shire of West Arthur Dog Local Law 2000 to comply with Governor’s Orders and legislative changes, insertion of clauses relating to penalties and penalty provisions.

Effect – to give effect to these changes by amendment of relevant clauses, inserting appropriate clauses creating new breach or compliance requirement, and increasing penalties applied.


Shire of West Arthur Fencing Local Law 2021 –

Purpose – to prescribe the requirements for sufficient fences and the standards for construction of fences.

Effect – to establish the minimum requirements for fencing, provide for permitted and prohibited fencing, and create offences for non-compliance.


A copy of the proposed local laws may be inspected at or obtained from the Administration Centre in Burrowes Street, Darkan during normal office hours,  from the Shire of West Arthur’s website  or by contacting the Administration Centre.

Submissions about the proposed local laws may be made by 4.00pm, Friday 13 August 2021. In writing to the CEO at the address below, or by email to

Chief Executive Officer,

Shire of West Arthur

31 Burrowes Street,

Darkan WA 6392


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