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SOWA - Dogs Local Law 28/04/2017
SOWA - Fencing Local Law 28/04/2017
SOWA - Parking Local Law 28/04/2017
SOWA - Property Local Law 28/04/2017
SOWA - Standing Orders Local Law 28/04/2017
SOWA - Thoroughfares Local Law 28/04/2017
Review of Strategic Community Plan 16 May 2017

The Shire of West Arthur is undertaking a review of its Strategic Community Plan 2013-2023. Have your say by completing a survey or attending a community workshop.

Review of Local Laws 03 May 2017

The Shire of West Arthur is undertaking a periodic review of the following Local Laws, in line with Section 3.16 of the Local Government Act 1995:

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2017-2022 24 Apr 2017

The Shire of West Arthur is revising its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. The plan describes how the Shire of West Arthur is working to make sure its services are accessible to everyone including people with disabilities.

Community Alert - Tomato Potato Psyllid 05 Apr 2017

The Tomato Potato Psyllid is a quarantine pest of chilli, tomato, potato and other fruit and vegetables.