Shire of West Arthur

Shire of West Arthur Councillors

Cr Raymond Harrington OAM - President

Cr Raymond Harrington OAM - President Information
Term (Retiring 2019)
Address 2 Nangip Crescent, Darkan
Tel/Fax 9736 1098

Cr Kevin King - Deputy President

Cr Kevin King - Deputy President Information
Term (Retiring 2017)
Address "Breezy Peaks", DARKAN WA 6392
Tel 9736 1030
Fax 9736 1580

Cr Andrew Clarke

Cr Andrew Clarke Information
Term (Retiring 2019)
Address  “Brookdale” ARTHUR RIVER 6315
Tel 98626151

Cr Rodney Hulse

Cr Rodney Hulse Information
Term (Retiring 2017)
Address Po Box 19, DARKAN 6392
Tel 9736 1807
Fax 9736 1809

Cr Neil Manuel

Cr Neil Manuel Information
Term (Retiring 2017)
Address “Kerrepei”, 8716 Boyup Brook-Arthur Rd, ARTHUR RIVER 6315
Tel 9862 6043
Fax 9862 6127

Cr Michael (Ming) Meredith

Cr Michael (Ming) Meredith Information
Term (Retiring 2019)
Address “Terra Nova”, DURANILLIN 6393
Tel 9863 1035
Fax 9863 1047

Cr Karlene Goss

Cr Karlene Goss Information
Term (Retiring 2017)
Address 20 McDonald Road, DARKAN, 6392
Tel 9736 1367
Unit for rent in Darkan 21 Jun 2017

Two Bedroom Unit Available For Rent in Darkan

Review of Local Laws 03 May 2017

The Shire of West Arthur is undertaking a periodic review of the following Local Laws, in line with Section 3.16 of the Local Government Act 1995:

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2017-2022 24 Apr 2017

The Shire of West Arthur is revising its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan. The plan describes how the Shire of West Arthur is working to make sure its services are accessible to everyone including people with disabilities.

Community Alert - Tomato Potato Psyllid 05 Apr 2017

The Tomato Potato Psyllid is a quarantine pest of chilli, tomato, potato and other fruit and vegetables.