Shire of West Arthur

Shire Road Conditions Update

Published on Monday, 23 August 2021 at 4:30:42 PM

Shire Road Conditions  4pm 23rd August 2021

The fine weather has helped with drying out of the roads however there are still some road closures in place.

Please note a significant number of roads are under assessment for DRFAWA Flood damage, as such we are limited in remediation options, signs have been put out to alert drivers to hazards, however, please slow down and drive to the road conditions, if you’re unsure of the conditions seek an alternative route.

  • Bokal East Arthur Rd, Morrell Bridge - CAUTION, minor washouts.
  • Bunce King Rd – CAUTION - minor washouts.
  • Bokal Sth Rd – OPEN -  CAUTION -  water damage, minor washouts.
  • Capercup Rd North – OPEN – CAUTION – water on the road, minor washouts
  • Clarke Rd - OPEN – CAUTION –  minor washouts.
  • Dawson Rd  – CLOSED – rutted and washed out section, under repair.
  • Eulin Crossing Road – CLOSED - water on floodway, submerged hazards.
  • Gibbs Rd Sth of Trigwell Bridge Rd - CLOSED due to pavement failure.
  • Gorn Rd – OPEN -  CAUTION -  water damage, minor washouts.
  • King Rd – CAUTION - water over road, minor washouts.
  • Lloyd Rd - CAUTION – water damage, minor washouts.
  • Moodiarrup South Road – OPEN - water on floodway.
  • Noble Rd – OPEN – CAUTION – water on the road, minor washouts.
  • O’Connell Rd – OPEN -  CAUTION -  minor washouts.
  • Rees Rd - OPEN -  CAUTION - water damage, minor washouts.
  • Shield Rd –  CLOSED - Culvert failure


Please note all Shire Gravel Roads are now OPEN to Vehicles over 4.5 tonnes, apart from the above mentioned closed road, (under section s3.5 of the Local Government Act & Road Traffic Act 1974 s84).

If you notice any damage to Shire roads or infrastructure, please, in the first instance call the shire office and raise a Customer Service Request (CSR).

In an emergency or imminent severe property damage please call the Works & Services Manager 0n 0427 362 214.


Please note Albany Highway and Coalfields Road are under the care and control of Main Roads Western Australia, If there are any issues with these roads please contact MRWA, on their Incident Response Line 13 81 38.



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