Shire of West Arthur

Shire of West Arthur 2020-21 Budget

Published on Thursday, 6 August 2020 at 3:33:29 PM

Council adopted the 2020-21 Budget on 28 July 2020.

In the 2020/21 financial year, the total income from rates is budgeted to increase by 1.2% which reflects the increase in wages. 

A full copy of the budget is available here.

Road projects identified in the 2020/21 budget include:

Regional Road Group (2/3 State Funded)

  • Boyup Brook Arthur Road - Cement stabilisation and surface corrections, extend culverts and improve drainage in various section from Glenorchy South  to Moodiarrup Changerup roads. Reseal from Albany Highway  for 2.5km.
  • Bowelling Duranillin Road - Reconstruct and widen starting 5kms west of Darkan South/Bowelling Duranillin intersection  for 2.5km east. Reseal 2.8km west of Cordering North road and 1.1 kms Bowelling end of road.

Roads to Recovery (Federal Funding )

  • Darkan South Road - Construct a slip land  from Capercup North  intersection north for 600m.
  • Darkan South Road - Widening corners at hill near Campbells property south of Darkan, part of the hill will be excavated so widening can occur.
  • Old Collie Road - Gravel sheet, reform and correct drainage from 1 km west of Moodiarrup South road to intersection of Glenorchy South road.
  • Bowelling McAlinden Road - Widen culverts and extend seal on floodway, 3.5km south from Trigwell Bridge intersection.
  • Bokal East Arthur Road - Cement stabilise 2590metres of failed sections from Albany Highway intersection and the two coat seal.

Road and Community Infrastructure Program

  • W Tree Gully Road - Replace culverts (may be reallocated to bridge on Bunce King Road)
  • Lake Towerrinning Entrance and Car Park - Repair various surface corrections and reseal bitumen.
  • Growden Place -Correct drainage, seal eastern end and reseal (original section) from Coalfields road to fuel depot.

Shire Funded                    

  • Growden Place – Lay gravel, compact, seal with bitumen and asphalt, white line, kerb and signage at intersection of Coalfields Road
  • Airlee Road - Reseal dust suppression
  • Collie South East Road - Reseal 200m to Boyup Brook boundary
  • Jackson Road - Gravel sheet various sections for 1000m

Infrastructure and building projects in the 2020/21 Budget include construction of a chalet, repairs to old Arthur River Post Office (insurance), Darkan refuse site redevelopment, Kylie Dam (deferred previous year), and Darkan Railway Reserve community space redevelopment.

Rates will be issued on Friday 14 August 2020. Ratepayers have the option of paying in full by 18 September 2020 or in two or four instalments with the first instalment due on 18 September 2020.

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