Shire of West Arthur

Road Incident Reporting

Published on Thursday, 10 February 2022 at 9:02:02 AM

The recent incidents on Coalfields Road (Collie - Lake King Rd) highlighted the fact that there seems to be some confusion on road incident reporting protocols. It would seem to be an appropriate time to clarify arrangements.


  • Albany Highway and Coalfields Road are under the care and control of Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA). If there are any issues with these roads, please contact MRWA on their Incident Response Line 138 138.
  • The Shire may assist with an incident if asked by the police or the MRWA Regional Manager (under delegation from the Commissioner of Main Roads). Without this request, the Shire is unable to carry out any work (including Traffic Control)  MRWA roads. (Traffic management Code of Practice 2021, 2.1 ROADS FOR WHICH MAIN ROADS IS RESPONSIBLE.)
  • Service Stream is the Term Network Contractor (TNC) responsible for repair, maintenance and managing the MRWA Network in the Wheatbelt, so MRWA coordinates all incident responses with Service Stream.
  • MRWA and Service Stream are responsible for all activities related to the incident including Traffic Management and the creation of detours.  This includes detours on to Shire managed roads  where they check the suitability of the detour and provide the appropriate assessment, signage, and direction to the public.
  • This Shire is more than happy to assist when requested but the appropriate process needs to be followed to ensure the safety of all.





Vin Fordham Lamont

Chief Executive Officer

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