Shire of West Arthur


Published on Friday, 15 July 2022 at 2:04:23 PM

All Dog Owners please be aware and keep an eye out for any symptoms of Parvovirus in your dogs.

Symptoms can include the following:

  • Vomiting of food, water, bile or all of these
  • Diarrhoea could be extremely watery, bloody, explosive or all of these
  • Lethargic can range from low energy to unresponsive
  • Lack of Appetite won’t eat regular food or treats and may not drink.


If your dog shows any of these signs please get them to the Vet immediately. Even though there is no cure for Parvovirus, symptoms can be treated and prognosis is very good when owners respond quickly.

If dogs do contract Parvovirus, Owners must sterilise and clean homes and yards with Bleach to be rid of the virus.  

Please direct any queries to Matt at WA Contract Ranger Services on 0459 678 154 or Steve on 0458 769 661

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