Shire of West Arthur

Junior Swim Club

Published: Thursday, 14 February 2019 at 3:48:42 PM


Tanya is a Shire of West Arthur employee, holds a Qualified Coach Green Card and Royal Life Saving Competitive Strokes Certificate.

Venue:                            Darkan Swimming Pool

Day of Week:                 Tuesdays

Time: 3.30-4.30pm        3.30 Stretch & warm up

                                      3.45 Training.  (Aerobic fitness, speed work, fun and safe warm up & cool downs.)

 Eligibility:                      Children Level 6 and above (able to swim recognized strokes over 25M)

 Nominal Fee:               $5.00/child/session paid to Tanya each week.

 Dates:                          Beginning 12 February 2019

 Aims of Club:               Short term:  Install correct technique in club members and for club members to have fun at training.

                                     Long Term: to generate a love of the “sport” for fitness and other endeavours, such as triathlons or open water swimming.                           

Employee:                    Tanya Thaw is employed by the Shire of West Arthur.

Members:                    Will sign Membership agreement, agreeing to comply with rules

Pool Activity Control:   Two lanes roped off for exclusive use.  May need to be revised if additional kids

Supervision:                 It is essential that parent/guardians remain onsite at all times, children will enter under their parent/guardian’s pool key unless they are a non-member.  
                                     Children will not be  let in to the pool without their parent/guardian.  

Darkan Infant & Pre-school Swimming Lessons

What you need to know
Your teacher is Tanya Thaw. Tanya is employed by the Shire of West Arthur and is qualified to teach Infant & Pre-school lessons and is registered with AUSTSWIM.

What role does a parent play in aquatic education?
You are an essential and vital component to your child’s learning. It is important that you take an active role in activities during the lesson and reinforcing safe practices outside lesson time.  So be prepared to get in and get wet!

What will the session consist of?
AUSTSWIM teachers give children opportunities to enjoy the aquatic learning experience in a positive environment that offers a variety of education activities.

AUSTSWIM recommends short lessons regular lessons (eg 1 per week for 30 minutes) create the best learning experiences.

Infant and pre-school programs offer a range of activities including water familiarisation, social interaction, water safety education, skill acquisition and parent education. Swimming aids for children are not recommended during the class.

Please wear appropriate swimwear as you will be in the pool with your child for the entire lesson. You also may like to wear a loose t-shirt to allow your child to hold onto you.


Contact Kym Gibbs for further information - or 97362217.

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