Shire of West Arthur

Community Buddy Project and Activities

Published: Friday, 3 April 2020 at 5:28:15 PM

Community Buddy Project: Helping each other in a time of crisis

 The Shire of West Arthur is assisting local community members needing support through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

 The Community Buddy Project aims to support those at high risk of being impacted by the threats of COVID-19, including seniors, people with a disability, people with compromised immunity AND those people considering self-isolating and who may not have support from family, friends or neighbours.

 We would like to ensure those in need have access to food, essential items and medications or just a regular friendly chat. 

 This does NOT replace care from families, friends, HACC or any service provider currently supporting members.  The project is not an offer of finance, financial advice or medical advice, however buddies can connect members to the right service provider.

 Local volunteer buddies have already made contact with a number of people in the community identified in the high risk category.  If you have not been contacted and would like to be or you know someone who might need support call the Shire on 9736 2222 or email

Community Activities  

 Whilst social distancing may restrict activities that physically bring us together, there is still an opportunity for the community to engage in other ways.

 Decorate Darkan Easter Edition is in progress this week, adding some colour to our entry statements (see separate notice in the Bleat).

 After Easter, we plan to decorate our entry statement trees with brightly coloured pom poms or knitted or crocheted items, so start digging out any coloured wool you may have buried away in your craft cupboards.

 The feather wings made by Kids Central children are on display in the window of Fleay’s Store.

 The Shire and West Arthur Community Resource Centre would love to support other community initiatives, please direct ideas to the office.



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