Shire of West Arthur

Caravan Park 28 day stays

Published on Friday, 21 January 2022 at 2:56:56 PM

In compliance with the Caravan and Camping Grounds Act 1995 (WA) and Clause 5A Schedule 7 Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997, the Darkan Caravan Park has a maximum 28 day stay policy in any three month period. This condition applies from 12 Noon 21 January 2022. All occupiers of caravan park sites are bound by the regulations. Notice is hereby given of the updated condition of stay. Any person occupying a site as at 11.59am Friday 21 January 2022 is now given 28 days' notice of implementation - for those persons, the 28 days will commence Saturday 26 February 2022.  


Acting Chief Executive Officer

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