Shire of West Arthur

Budget 2019/2020

Published: Friday, 9 August 2019 at 12:48:05 PM

2019/20 Shire Budget

The Shire adopted the 2019/20 Budget on 30 July 2019 with an overall increase in rates of 1.9%. Rate notices were posted on 9 August.

The total amount to be raised from rates is $ 1,706,538, which is 43% of the total income of $3,992,241. Income from grants is $1,811,598 and income from fees and charges is $299,226.

The Fair Pay Commissioner, increased award wages by 3%. The Shire passed on the full increase with no offset against existing over award payments. Wages and employee costs are $2,168,778.

The capital road program is budgeted to be $1,395,629, including widening and reseal works on Darkan Moodiarrup Road and Bowelling Duranillin Road, sealing 5km of the northern section of Trigwell Bridge Road, cement stabilisation and super elevation on Boyup Brook Arthur Road, river crossing improvements on Eulin Crossing and Rutherford roads, gravel sheeting on Shields Road, and completion of Growden Place tie in with Coalfields Road.

Other capital works include the fit out of the museum, construction of a chalet at the caravan park, construction of a toilet at the Darkan Cemetery, completion of renovations to the change rooms at the Darkan oval, installation of solar power to the Shire Office, housing improvements, upgrades to the public open space on the Darkan Railway Reserve, and Kylie Dam catchment improvements and water storage (subject to funding).

A full copy of the budget is available Here


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