Shire of West Arthur

Meeting Dates

Ordinary Meetings of Council for 2023

The dates for the Shire of West Arthur Ordinary Meetings of Council for 2023 are as follows:

Thursday 23 February
Thursday 23 March
Thursday 27 April
Thursday 25 May
Thursday 22 June
Thursday 27 July 
Thursday 24 August
Thursday 28 September
Thursday 26 October
Thursday 23 November
Thursday 21 December (3rd Thursday due to Christmas season)

  • All meetings will start at 7.00 pm unless stated otherwise. Public Question time occurs at the commencement of the meeting.

Attendance at Council Meetings

Under the Local Government Act 1995 and the Shire of West Arthur Standing Orders Law 2002, all members of the public are welcome to attend Council meetings as an observer.  Members of the public who attend in this capacity may not participate in the meeting, however are able to participate in the following ways:

Deputations & Submissions

A member of public must apply in writing to the CEO.  If approved a member of the public can address the Council personally on behalf of a resident or group of residents. A deputation may relate to an item on a Council meeting agenda, or a matter concerning the affairs of the Shire generally.

Public Question Time

Public Question Time occurs early in the meeting to allow members of the public to ask questions before the business of the agenda is dealt with.  Questions can be submitted prior to the meeting which allows officers time to research and provide an answer at the meeting.  Questions can also be raised without notice at a Council meeting and staff can assist you with this process. Questions are to be directed to the Presiding Member, not to any other person.  The presiding Member may choose to take the question on notice with a response provided in writing and a copy included in the next agenda.


Written petitions can be addressed to Council on any issue within the Council’s jurisdiction. Petitions are tabled at the next available Council meeting and referred to the CEO for consideration and reporting. The guidelines for submitting a petition are as follows:

A petition is to be addressed to The Shire President and be made by electors of the district.  The request must be stated on each page of the petition and contain the names, addresses, signatures of the electors making the request, and the date each elector signed. It must contain a summary of the reasons for the request and state the name of the person who is coordinating the petition, and an address and contact details at which notice to the petitioners can be given.

Disturbances from Members of the Public

Any member of the public addressing or observing the Council meeting is to extend due courtesy and respect to the Council and the processes under which they operate and must take direction from the person presiding. Members of the public must not interrupt or interfere with proceedings.