Shire of West Arthur

New Speed Signs In Darkan

Posted on: Monday, 27 November 2017 at 4:09:22 PM

The West Arthur Shire is continuing its commitment to creating a safe environment for all road users by installing the courtesy speed display signs on Coalfields Highway during the December holidays until January 18th.

 Excess speed has been an issue in this area and the courtesy speed display signs, on loan from WALGA’s RoadWise, aims to help reduce average travel speeds in our community.

By recording the speed of approaching vehicles, displaying the recorded speed, and informing the driver if they need to change their driving behaviour (using a ‘thank you’ or ‘slow down’ message), the courtesy speed display signs serve as an immediate reminder for drivers to slow down.

Be aware of your own speed when travelling on our roads. Slow down, enjoy the ride in Darkan.


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Australian Government Mobile Service Centre
Australian Government Mobile Service Centre
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Corporate and Community Plans Revised 02 Jul 2018

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Public Meeting 30 Jun 2018

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