Shire of West Arthur

Department of Water Working Collaboratively With Local Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers.

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 March 2017 at 1:00:34 PM

The Department of Water has granted the Shire of West Arthur’s bush fire brigades five hand held radios to assist with firefighting activities.

Following the Cordering fire and associated debrief in late 2015, it was identified that additional hand held radios would enhance response capability and improve fire ground communications and water bombing operations.   With hand held radios not eligible under the Emergency Services Levy (Local Government Grants Scheme), the Department of Water generously provided funding to the bush fire brigades for the purchase of the hand held radios.  These radios were provided in appreciation of the Cording fire response and recognition that bush fire brigades will always be primary responders in regional communities, protecting assets owned by the Department.

The Department of Water is responsible for the management of approximately 10,000ha in the Wellington Dam catchment. With such a vast area of land to manage, the Department works closely with Parks and Wildlife and Forrest Products, as well as local government and neighbouring land owners, in the management of their land, which primarily serves the purpose of improving water quality to the Wellington Dam catchment. 

The local bush fire brigades were very pleased to receive five new hand held radios.

Following the presentation of the hand held radios by the Department of Water.

Photo Left to Right - Duncan South, Adrian South, Andriena Ciric (Shire of West Arthur CESM), Troy Sloan, Dave Warren, Lachlan Ewan, Ray Harrington, Graeme Blake (Dept of Water) and Tim Sparks (Dept of Water)

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