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Corporate and Community Plans Revised

Posted on: Monday, 2 July 2018 at 11:51:17 AM

Council has completed a desktop review of the Shire’s Corporate and Community plans.

The Community Strategic Plan is the Shire’s principal 10-year strategy and planning document and guides the development of other plans. It was last fully reviewed in July 2017 and, following a number of community engagement activities in late 2017, has been further updated. The next review will be undertaken in 2020 with the newly elected councillors following the 2019 Council elections. 

The Corporate Business Plan is a four service and project delivery program which aligns with the priorities set in the Community Strategic Plan. It includes financial information and is reviewed every year prior to the adoption of the budget. The first year of the revised Plan will become the Shire’s 2018/19 Budget . The proposed increase in rates is 4% in 2018/19, equivalent to a net amount of $64,415, which is far less than additional costs and reduced funding.

As well as rising fuel and utility costs, the Shire has had a reduction in State funded direct road grants ($54,273), an increase in award wages of 3.5% ($60,000), and an increase in audit costs ($12,000) following the introduction of audits being overseen by the Office of the Auditor General. To achieve the moderate rate increase there will be a reduction to some service areas and funding for activities, however the Shire will endeavour to make the impact as minimal as possible. If any further funding cuts or cost increases are identified in the finalisation of the draft budget, the increase to rates may be higher than the proposed 4%.

The 2018/19 budget will be adopted on 31 July. It is proposed that the discount on rates paid in full by the due date will be will not apply this year. The rates raised will be similar to last years, with the 4% increase offset by the previously allowed discount. The minimum amount paid for rates will increase from $317 to $350 for land in townsites (excluding Darkan) and from $458 to $500 for properties in the Darkan townsite and rural properties.

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Corporate and Community Plans Revised 02 Jul 2018

The Shire has recently completed a review of their Corporate and Community Plans.

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